Inglewood Lane Project

We are so excited to share our recent Inglewood Lane Project with you! Our sister company Remedy Design Firm did an outstanding job designing this home and our Elements by Remedy team added the finishing touches with furniture and accessories. Keep reading to discover details about the home, see pieces that are available on our website, and learn how our team can help you!

The essence of European Transitional style permeates every corner of this home. It's a delicate balance of tradition and innovation, where classic elements are infused with a fresh, contemporary flair. Throughout the home, darker toned woods exude sophistication, while carefully chosen moody colors add depth and character. One of the defining features of the Inglewood Lane Project is its masterful balance of light and dark, masculine and feminine, cozy and expansive. For example, you step into the moody ambiance of the powder bath with its captivating wallpaper, only to emerge into a hallway bathed in natural light, with expansive windows offering a glimpse of the outdoors. The wallpaper throughout the home adds a feminine touch but is balanced by masculine beams and darker wood accents. Overall, the home is very elevated and luxurious, but also cozy and comfortable for living.

Dining Room

One area we want to highlight is the dining room. The focal point of this room is the built-in hutch. The owners of this home have a family tradition of collecting a variety of gorgeous servingware and dishes, so they really wanted a way to highlight their collection that was still functional. The built-in hutch was the solution. It is right by the dining table, making it easy for them to either set the table or enjoy the beauty of their items. As far as furniture goes, our Hayes Dining Table and Nora Dining Chairs were the perfect addition to this space. 


This home’s kitchen is a very warm and sophisticated space. The painted white brick range hood paired with a slab material for the backsplash adds balance and subtle elegance to the home. We added our Bodhi Bar + Counter Stools for a nice leather accent, and of course we filled the kitchen with stunning accessories like our Salt & Pepper Grinders. The small touches made all the difference in this space.

Great Room

The last space we want to highlight is the great room. There are a lot of beautiful symmetrical elements in this space, from the artwork on either side of the fireplace, to the arches that lead into the office and bedroom on each side of the room. Because of these symmetrical elements, we wanted to bring in a balance, which is why we did a sofa and two chair combination for the furniture layout. We also added our Terra Coffee Table, Holden Console Table, and Thalia Cabinet to fill the space, and the right mix of accessories was the final touch.

Overall, the Inglewood Lane Project is a place where luxury and comfort converge, where every detail tells a story, and where the art of balance creates a truly harmonious living experience. Shop furniture & accessories on our website to bring this elevated feeling into your home.

Our team truly understands the importance of an elevated living space. That’s why we offer our Home Styling & Accessory Van Services. Whether you’re in need of expert help on furniture selection or looking for some spaces in your home to be accessorized, we are here to help! Reach out to us today to take your home to the next level.

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