Maple Crossings 2023 Parade Home

Welcome to Maple Crossings, a gorgeous European style home, with an English Tudor cottage feel that was recently featured in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes. Since fall 2021, our sister company Remedy Design Firm has poured their hearts into this project. They have been there every step of the way, from the architectural phase, all the way to the furnishing and accessorizing of the home. Every aspect of this home has been meticulously crafted to create an ambiance that is both elegant and inviting. Join us in this blog post as we walk through the home, sharing behind the scenes information from Lead Designer Katie, details and fun facts about the home, sources, and our favorite pieces of furniture and accessories!

Nestled in a quiet cul-de-sac in Mapleton, Utah, Maple Crossings is a modern organic home that blends modern design elements with organic warmth, exuding luxury. While modern design is often perceived as cold, with hard surfaces, this home embraces warmth, texture, and layers, with an abundance of wood beams and wood ceiling details. Uniquely, this home lacks wall treatments, which allows the ceilings to take center stage, with details like plaster and sheeting. Leather accents are strategically placed throughout the home, including a leather sofa, ottoman, chandelier, and sconces, adding touches of masculinity and sophistication. And, from the moment you step inside, you'll be captivated by the expertly curated collection of art and lighting that adorn each space. The art was handpicked for the home and perfectly measured, and because our designers call lighting the “jewelry of the home”, they selected fixtures that truly make each space shine.

We were honored to have received the following People’s Choice Awards for the Maple Crossings home:


Best Exterior Design

Best Interior Design

Best Primary Bathroom

Best Primary Suite

Best Floor Plan

Best Kitchen


Best Landscaping & Outdoor Space

Listed below are some of the most asked for sources throughout this home! We will continue to share sources throughout this post.

Hardwood floors: Reward Flooring - Provence II European Oak Gardanne 

Wall Color: Vanilla Milkshake Benjamin Moore 

All Trim: Egret White Sherwin Williams 

Ceilings: Vanilla Milkshake

First Floor

As you enter the home, you walk into not just an entryway, but a functioning room. A baby grand piano shows itself off to the right. An organic modern bench coupled with a brass art light above and slatted wainscoting gives you a nice introduction to the feel of this home. To the left sits a full brick interior office, which contrasts nicely with the large amount of wood and millwork in the home. The glass doors of the office bring in a touch of metal, while providing a good balance of minimalist, organic, and modern details. Because of the masculinity of the office, with the brick and leather accents, the guest room in the front of the home was designed to add a touch of femininity. Inspired by the client's love for blue, the room incorporates elements that reflect a feminine taste, including arched doors that match the powder bath.

 Office Brick: General Shale "Old Brick Originals Ironworks Thin Brick", natural gray mortar

Of course, when first entering the home, you cannot ignore the large, open hallway that greets you. Because this hallway is so grand and long, the biggest challenge was designing it in a way that made it feel cozy and not intimidating. Our designers guided the clients into embracing the millwork that was necessary to make the hall feel more full. Applying ceiling molding above the stairwell gives a break in the millwork on the ceiling and serves as a relief point in the long hallway. Cased openings are also strategically placed, and art in groupings provides design moments throughout. The brick detail at the end of the hallway is a perfect finishing touch that adds interest.

Continuing on, as you walk down the hallway, you can't miss the great room on your left. This space is extremely grand and spacious, so to design an intimate and comfortable space we chose to create two seating areas with different functions. The first is an area for watching TV and relaxing, with a comfortable sectional and ample seating, while the second is more of a conversational seating arrangement where you can talk to whoever is in the kitchen. Our favorite feature of this room by far is the large scale fireplace! Soapstone herringbone fireplace bricks with the Venetian plaster surround creates a beautiful combination.

Also part of this grand space is the kitchen, which was the first thing we designed! We were able to fine-tune its personality — organic modern with a timeless flair — and then mimic that throughout the home. Each material chosen plays a role in achieving that look, including the warmth from the full white oak cabinets and the movement from the quartz, to the French La Conche range. The 13.5 foot island steals the show in the kitchen, boasting a beautiful quartz waterfall edge. The ceiling is plastered with faux hand-hewn beams, adding texture to the room. We wanted the two glass built-ins to feel different from the rest of the kitchen, with custom metal doors, glass shelves, and special accent lighting. The dining room boasts beautiful views of the mountains and nearby canyons, so we made sure this nook was surrounded by windows that allow natural light to pour into the space. This room was also elevated with a coffered ceiling and floor-length drapes. Another fun part of this space is the spacious pantry that contains a soft-serve frozen yogurt machine! How fun is that?

The final space on the main floor of the home, located at the end of the long hallway to the left, is the Primary Suite! The entry to this suite contains a hidden drink station, with a mini-fridge for convenience. In the bedroom, linen wallpaper softens the room, while a wood ceiling detail exudes warmth and texture. We repeated the plaster again on the fireplace, and added beautiful linen drapes and wall-to-wall windows to highlight the serene views that surround the home. We added a relaxing sitting area at the clients request and the ceiling is full stained gray tongue and groove.

Moving into the bathroom, we plastered all of the walls to make it feel very organic. A full steam shower is the highlight of this space, with floor-to-ceiling tile, a full solid piece of glass, and a double-bench. The closet has beautiful custom lighting and a scalloped, woven, oversized pendant that brings a much needed feminine touch to the space. And finally, the best part of the whole suite is the bathhouse, which offers a spa-like vibe with its loungers and incredible view. The goal for this room was to make it feel like an enclosed porch, with rafters in the ceiling and windows that cover the whole wall. We knew we wanted terracotta flooring, so we made sure to let the builder know during the framing process to drop the floor to accommodate the transition from the bathroom tile to the thick terracotta tile. Fun fact - while this tile was being installed, you could smell the authentic scent of the terracotta! This room also boasts a stand-alone bathtub and a cold plunge tub!

Primary Bath Tile Floor: Daltile "Delegate Off White" 

Primary Bath Shower Tile: Glazzio "Justeer Collection-Youthful Day" color "Pure Linen"

Second Floor (Basement)

Moving to the second floor of the home, the basement of Maple Crossings is a true testament to the art of minimalism and functionality. From the moment you step into this lower level, you are greeted by an array of built-in cabinets and a sleek kitchenette. The decision to have closed cabinets instead of open shelves was intentional, as the kitchenette lacked upper cabinets due to the presence of windows. One of our favorite parts of this space is the material on the built-in cabinets, which is often mistaken for wallpaper. When trying to decide on a material, each sample we ordered was brittle and poor quality. We initially looked at wallpaper options, but then eventually found an outdoor furniture fling fabric sample. This is a woven material that you could punch and it wouldn't break. This material is durable and fits the space extremely well, so we added it to the panels on the built-ins and then used that same application on the speakers.

Our designers agree that this basement is well done because it is so minimal. Push-open cabinets and a lack of visible hardware enhance the overall sleekness of the space. We also took a super tidy approach to ceiling treatments. To avoid overwhelming the room, the ceiling was treated with a full painted finish instead of wooden beams. However, in order to introduce some visual interest, wood beams were strategically placed at a natural break in the room. The ceiling was fully sheeted in shiplap, and shallow beams were incorporated to maintain the height of the basement without encroaching on the space. One standout feature in the basement is the rounded island in the kitchenette, which adds a touch of uniqueness, with inset poles and flush hardware.

The basement includes four rooms, for each of the client's boys. These rooms were designed with individuality in mind, as each room features unique bedding, wall paneling, shower tiles, and lighting that forms truly personalized spaces. There is also a laundry room downstairs with two washers, ensuring that laundry for the boys and the pool area can be done with ease. This space features blue tile, again reflecting the clients love for the vibrant color. The hidden gem of the basement is all of the fun amenities. We designed a panel wall in the workout room that transitions perfectly into the indoor basketball court. Other features include a sauna and a golf simulator room with fluted paneling. We love the private feel of this area —you almost have to be living in the home to even know that it's there.


Last, but certainly not least, is the outdoor portion of this home. The main outdoor living deck off the great room features a cedar tongue and groove soffit, adding warmth and an organic feel. The double-sided outdoor fireplace with herringbone bricks, along with quality furniture provides a cozy ambiance for outdoor gatherings. The basement soffit is a different covering, which contrasts nicely with the other covered porch. The outdoor area also features a stunning pool, hot tub, fireplace, tennis court, heated driveway, and a BMX pump track around the entire property.


Overall, we couldn’t be more excited about this beautiful project. Maple Crossings was a work of collaboration and we couldn't have done it without our incredible team:

Builder: RC Dent Custom Homes 

Architect: Jewkes Home Design 

Photography: Rebekah Westover 

Design: Remedy Design Firm 

Furniture & Accessories: Elements By Remedy

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