Mi Amor Collection

As the holiday season comes to a close and the winter blues begin to set in, it’s time to embrace the warmth of love with our Mi Amor Collection. This carefully curated collection is designed to cure those post-holiday blues and give your living space the perfect refresh for the upcoming year. 

What sets the Mi Amor collection apart is its unique blend of Valentine’s specific items alongside everyday decor essentials. Our team intentionally chose to make this a small collection, because we believe in adding subtle touches of love to your home while refreshing the rest of the space with versatile and timeless pieces. 

This collection is full of Valentine’s decor that will help you add a touch of romance to your home. From charming art pieces to festive garlands, elegant cake and cupcake stands, whimsical picks, and romantic candles, we have everything you need to create a love-filled atmosphere. This collection also offers a variety of heart-shaped items that bring a sweet touch into any space. As far as everyday items go, discover kitchen and serving items, stylish candlesticks, and decorative pots that seamlessly integrate into your daily life. 

Sharing some of our favorite items from this collection that we know will sell fast!

Valentine’s Favorites

16" Braided Jute Heart Wreath

XOXO Garland

Valentines Ribbon Bundle

65" Cherry Blossom Stem

Everyday Favorites 

Large White Concrete Vase

Hand Forged Antique Brass Candlestick Holders - Set of 2

Grey & White Checkered Box

Shop the Mi Amor Collection now and embrace the joy of adding simple touches that bring love and excitement to your home during the winter season. Whether it's a felt garland adorning your fireplace or an elegant candlestick on your dining table, each piece is designed to enhance the festive atmosphere.