3 Christmas Staircase Decorating Tips

Decorating for the holidays is a fun tradition, but sometimes it's the smaller, often overlooked areas that can prove to be the most challenging. The staircase, in particular, can be a real puzzle when it comes to decorating for Christmas. It's a unique space that can either be a missed opportunity or a stunning showcase of holiday festivity. In this blog post, we're here to share our tried-and-true method and the essential supplies we used to help you turn your staircase into a professionally decorated holiday masterpiece.  


#1. Layers are Key

First things first, let's talk about the power of layers. When it comes to garlands, more is definitely merrier and we recommend layering a few together. To achieve a lush and lifelike look, we combined our 6' Deluxe Cedar Garland with our 7' Woodland Garland. This combination not only added depth but also created a stunning, full appearance. Depending on your style and the overall theme of your decor, you can also choose to add a non-pine garland on top of your base layers. Our favorites include our Orange Garland and Wood Garland, which introduce unique textures and colors to your staircase.

#2. Use Green Velcro to Secure

To ensure garlands stay securely in place without damaging the banister, we use a simple yet effective solution - a green velcro roll, readily available on Amazon. Unlike traditional zip ties that can scratch or damage your banister, this velcro roll is both secure and festive in color. Simply cut it to your desired length, wrap it around your garlands, and attach them to the banister. It's a quick, hassle-free way to keep your garlands perfectly in place. 

#3. Make a Statement on Your Newel Posts

Now, let's move on to the stair newel post, which presents a fantastic opportunity to create a statement piece. We achieve this by using various elements such as picks, stems, bells, and ribbon. This year, we used our Gold Metal Bell Cluster, which adds a touch of elegance and festive jingle to every newel post. We also added our 36" Juniper Hanging Bush at every newel post to create more volume. As for the ribbon, we used Noel Ribbon, Brown/White Houndstooth Ribbon, and Thin Olive Velvet Ribbon to bring in different textures and colors, resulting in a visually stunning and cohesive design. 

Supplies We Used

To help you recreate our staircase look from this year, here's a list of the supplies we used:

  • (5) 6' Deluxe Cedar Garlands
  • (5) 7' Woodland Garlands
  • (8) 36” Juniper Hanging Bush
  • (4) Gold Metal Bell Cluster
  • (1) Noel Ribbon
  • (1) Brown/White Houndstooth Ribbon
  • (2) Thin Olive Velvet Ribbon

    If you are looking for more tips or an in-depth video, be sure to check out our Instagram and Tik Tok for more content! By following the tips in this blog post and using supplies from our Comfort & Joy Collection, you'll be well on your way to decorating your staircase for Christmas like a pro. The result will be a holiday display that will fill your home with warmth, magic, and the joy of the season. 

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