How to Decorate a Mantle for Christmas

Decorating your mantle for the holidays is a delightful tradition, but it can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task. To help you transform your mantle into a festive centerpiece, we're here to share our expert decorating process, along with a look at the three different mantles we styled this year. So, let's dive into the details and make your home warm and inviting for the holiday season. 

The Process

Before we delve into the specific mantle styles, let's outline the step-by-step process that we use in every home.

#1. Command Hooks for Stability

Command hooks are your secret weapon for keeping garland in place. To begin, place them at regular intervals across your mantle. Make sure to position the hooks as close to the edge as possible. This ensures that the garland drapes elegantly rather than merely sitting on top of the mantle.

#2. Garland Base

Tuck a garland securely under each command hook. This initial garland will serve as the foundation and anchor for the additional pieces you'll be adding.

#3. Layering Garlands

Next, you'll want to add more garlands for texture and depth. We recommend using 2-3 garland types on a mantle: 2 different styles of green garland (intermix the stems of both creating a more natural look) and perhaps layering a 3rd decorative garland like a wood bead or orange slice. Secure these additional garlands to one another using jute twine. The decorative garland should be the final layer to give your mantle depth and visual interest.

#4. Choose Your Mantle Style

Now it is time to choose your mantle style. Whether you prefer an asymmetrical arrangement, a symmetrical display for perfect balance on both sides, or a minimalistic look where "less is more," there are endless possibilities to consider. You can elegantly drape the garland off to the side and then incorporate picks and bells. For a more festive look, we often replace the bells' original jute with ribbon.

#5. Stockings and Finishing Touches

Finally, don't forget to hang your stockings using our stocking holders. Simple slide the holders onto your mantle. Choose stockings that match your color scheme and, for an extra flair, consider adding ribbon, mini bells, or small ornaments to make them truly special.

Now, let's take a closer look at the three different mantle styles we've created this year:

Traditional Mantle

For a traditional, asymmetrical holiday look, here are the supplies we used:

(2) 6’ Deluxe Cedar Garlands

(2) 5’ Faux Myrtle Garlands

(1) 18" Evergreen Stem

(2) Cream Snowflake Iron Bell Cluster

(2) Cream & Wool Knit Stockings

(2) Paper Mache Ornaments for Each Stocking

(1) Red Velvet Ribbon Spool


Minimal Mantle

For a minimalistic yet stylish mantle, we used these supplies:

(4) 6’ Deluxe Cedar Garlands

(2) Off-White Checkered Stockings

Thin Camel Velvet Ribbon

(2) Mini Hanging Gold Bells (one for each stocking)


Neutral Mantle

We made our main mantle symmetrical. The fireplace in this home is absolutely massive, with a 6 foot wide opening, so we used more product than normal. To create this stunning statement mantle we used:

(4) Brown Flannel Checkered Stocking

(4) Scalloped Brass Bell

(4) 7' Faux Woodland Garland

(6) 6' Deluxe Cedar Garland

(4) 36" Juniper Hanging Bush

(12) 30" Green Cedar Stem

Brown/Cream Houndstooth Ribbon

Thin Olive Velvet Ribbon

Small Metal Golden Olive Patina Leaves Ornament for each Stocking


Incorporate these decorating techniques and materials into your holiday mantle design this year, and your fireplace will look absolutely stunning! Make sure to shop our Comfort & Joy Collection to secure all the pieces you need to bring your vision to life.