4 Ways to Add an Extra Holiday Touch to Your Home

It’s about that time to start decorating for Christmas, and there's something truly magical about transforming your home and filling it with festivity. Sometimes, it's the simplest touches that make all the difference. In this blog post, we're sharing four tried-and-true ways to add an extra holiday touch to your home. These are the secrets we swear by when styling a home for Christmas, and we're excited to pass them on to you.

#1. Decorate Your Lighting

When it comes to creating a warm and inviting holiday atmosphere, lighting plays a crucial role. Take a closer look at your pendants, picture lights, and sconces—these can be elevated with just a few additions. Consider adding ribbons and stems to your lighting fixtures. It's a simple yet effective trick that can instantly bring a festive vibe in any room. Choose ribbons and stems that match your color scheme to keep things cohesive.

Here is an example of the process we follow to decorate a kitchen pendant:

Step 1: -Take two of our 18" Evergreen Picks and criss cross the stems together to combine them. Bend/curve them into the greenery portion of the pick.

Step 2: Layer two of our 21" Cream Berry Picks on top of the evergreen picks. Follow the same process of bending the stem.

Step 3: Add our Houndstooth and 1.5” Swiss Velvet ribbons to finish the look.

Watch a step-by-step tutorial video HERE


#2. Add Wreaths

Wreaths are a timeless symbol of the holidays and can bring instant charm to various spaces in your home. Hang them on windows, doors, chairs, or stools for a touch of holiday magic. To make your wreaths even more special, style them with festive ribbons or bells. Whether you opt for a rustic look with plaid ribbons or an elegant touch with gold bells, wreaths are a versatile and classic addition to your holiday decor. 

Read our latest blog post HERE to learn more about the supplies we use to hang wreaths on doors, windows, chairs, and stools!


#3. Add Greenery

Faux greenery is a game-changer during the holiday season, offering beauty without the worry of maintenance. Incorporate faux greenery into different areas of your home, such as your mirrors, tablescape, mantle, and staircase. The result is a classy and festive atmosphere that lasts throughout the season. 

mirror with greenery greenery on tablescape
staircase with greenery mantle with greenery

#4. Add Stems

Stems, whether they are branches of red berries or frosted pine, have the power to enhance your existing decor. Place them in pots and vases for a quick and elegant centerpiece. Don't forget to incorporate stems into your Christmas tree decorations and garlands for added depth and texture. This simple addition can elevate your entire home.

Incorporating these four simple yet impactful touches can truly transform your home this holiday season. From the elegance of faux greenery to the simplicity of enhancing your light fixtures, each element contributes to creating a cozy atmosphere. All the items pictured are part of our Comfort & Joy Collection and are available to shop now. Happy decorating!

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