Ultimate Guide to Tree Decorating

Decorating your Christmas tree can be a daunting task, leaving you wondering where to start and how much is just enough. But, this year you don’t need to worry! This blog is here to be your ultimate guide, providing a step-by-step process to ensure your tree looks full and absolutely picture-perfect.

The order in which you decorate your tree is crucial for achieving that flawless look. Let's break it down step by step:

#1. Garlands 

Begin the transformation by draping your tree with garlands. For an 8-foot tree, the sweet spot is 4-5 garlands (approximately half of the tree height). Here's a pro tip: don’t wrap your garland around the outer surface of your tree like a mummy. Instead, tuck parts of it towards the middle and then bring parts back out repeating. Opt for garlands made of beads, wood, dried fruit, or other unique materials to add texture and charm. 


#2. Layered Picks and Ribbons 

Next up, introduce layered picks, a delightful combination of your favorite picks and ribbons. Follow the rule of thumb: one layered pick per foot of your tree. For an 8-foot tree, this means incorporating 8 of these layered beauties. To create a layered pick, we recommend using at least two different types of picks with two different types of ribbon as well. Choose stems and ribbons that complement your chosen color scheme. Not only do these additions add visual interest, but they also work wonders in filling any gaps in your tree.  We recommend that you stagger your picks in somewhat of a zig zag pattern so they aren’t on the same level.


#3. Large Ornaments 

Now, it's time to make a statement with large ornaments. Aim for one large ornament per foot of your tree, totaling 8 for an 8-foot tree. Think big flocked white balls or unique ornaments like oversized acorns. These large decorations not only catch the eye but also serve as gap-fillers when strategically placed in the back of your tree. A pro tip that applies to all ornaments is to tie them to your tree branch with ribbon. This will give them an elevated look, as opposed to using  the long loop on the ornament that causes them to dangle.


#4. Groupings of Ornaments

Enhance the fullness of your tree by adding groupings of ornaments. Cluster them together and secure them with ribbon or twine. This technique not only fills gaps but also creates a visually appealing arrangement. We recommend one ornament grouping per foot of tree.


#5. Large Specialty Items

Bring personality to your tree with 1-3 larger specialty items. This could be a standout French horn ornament, a charming Mail Boxor any other unique piece that adds a personal touch to your holiday decor. Note: this step is optional if you like this kind of look.


#6. Small Ornaments/Specialty Ornaments

The finishing touch involves adding the rest of your small and specialty ornaments. For these, we again recommend one of each ornament per foot of tree. Embrace a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures while adhering to a cohesive color scheme. This year, we curated both a traditional and a neutral tree, using specific ornaments to match each theme. Stick to your chosen palette for a visually stunning result.

Decorating your tree doesn't have to break the bank. Consider starting with a couple of ornaments you love and gradually building your collection each year. This approach not only eases the financial burden but also allows your tree's theme to evolve over time.


We are frequently asked what type of tree we recommend, and our answer is always a pre-lit tree. Available for purchase, pre-lit trees offer convenience and even lighting, saving you time and ensuring a beautifully illuminated canvas for your decorations. You can choose whatever style tree you want, whether it is flocked or classic cedar. Pair your tree with a tree skirt that matches your color scheme! We have great options, from cream, to brown velvet, to red stripes.


Still feeling overwhelmed? Let us handle the holiday decorating! Did you know we offer Christmas installation services? Book us now, and effortlessly transform your space into a festive haven. 

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In conclusion, with this ultimate guide, you have the roadmap to create a Christmas tree that not only captures the spirit of the season but also becomes a captivating centerpiece for your festive celebrations. Shop our Comfort & Joy Collection to get all the items you need!

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