Blue Meadow Project

We are so excited to share our Blue Meadow Project with you! This was our most recent home styling & accessory van project and install, and we thought it would be fun to walk you through not only this specific project and the thought process behind it, but our services in general and how they work. Keep reading to see design boards of each space and some before & after photos that show what a different our services can make.

When you book with us, we make it a point to visit your home, walk the space with you, and immerse ourselves in the ambiance before we dive into the creative process. This not only allows us to envision the potential, but also ensures that we understand the nuances of your space. We take precise measurements, translating your room into a 3D rendering to guarantee a seamless fit for each piece.

We then try to really understand each client’s vibe and what they love, because at the end of the day we want the space to feel like yours. We have tons of different fabric options for rugs, furniture, pillows, etc, so our mission is to help you navigate through them, narrowing down choices to match your vibe and preferences. We then curate it to make it all look cohesive.

For this project, our client had really great furniture in her room already, but she felt like she was missing something. After residing in her home for a year, she longed for a space that truly felt like it was hers and had that touch of personalization. This client discovered our service because she fell in love with the sectional from our Maple Crossings Parade Home, so that was our starting point that we wanted to work around. 


Because the sectional took center stage, our work naturally began in the Great Room where it would be placed. We decided we wanted to pull in a cute pattern through the rug, so we opted for our Cloud Rug, a subtle piece that features a simple stripe. This proved to be an excellent choice, because it seamlessly complemented the sectional. To further enhance the space, we incorporated a leather ottoman, infusing a fresh texture into the room. This deliberate blend of textiles ensured cohesion without veering into an overly uniform aesthetic. To add a final touch of coziness and personality, we adorned the space with carefully selected pillows and accessories. 


Moving on to the Kitchen & Dining Room, we delved into the heart of our client's home. With an open floor plan in mind, our aim was to ensure seamless harmony between the Great Room and the Kitchen/Dining Area, given that you can see both spaces. To bridge the two, we decided to extend the color palette from the Great Room into the kitchen through the rug under the dining table. This strategic choice not only unified the spaces but also echoed the cohesive color scheme throughout.

Additionally, our attention was drawn to an art piece in the kitchen, strategically placed but undersized. To address this, we opted for a larger artwork infused with shades of blue, mirroring the palette of the Great Room. This thoughtful addition not only bridged the color scheme but also ensured the artwork became a perfectly fitting focal point in the kitchen space. From there after upgrading the furniture and adding accessories, the space looked complete.


The Primary Bedroom was the final space we designed for this project. Our client desired a sense of simplicity, cleanliness, and airiness in this room, prompting us to carefully select furniture and decor to create that ambiance. Additionally, she wanted to add layers to her bedding, so incorporating various fabric textiles allowed us to achieve depth and dimension in the bed.



In conclusion, at Elements by Remedy, our commitment goes beyond services; it's about creating spaces that feel uniquely yours. Whether you opt for our Home Styling Service or the Accessory Van, our team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life. The Blue Meadow project stands as a testament to the seamless collaboration of both services. It was an absolute joy to witness how our talented stylists transformed key areas, infusing life into the space using carefully curated accessories, art pieces, and designer furniture. Your home is a canvas, and we're here to help you turn it into a haven of style and comfort. Get in touch with us today, and let's embark on this exciting journey together.

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