Elements Lighting Guide

Lighting isn't just about brightening a space; it is the “jewelry” of the home, setting the mood, enhancing functionality, and adding a touch of style. In this guide, we'll share insights into our process for selecting the perfect lights for your space, and we'll walk you through our selection of lighting fixtures, including brand new pieces from our Renew Collection.

Choosing the right lighting fixtures for your home involves considering four key elements: scale, style, finish, and height.


When it comes to scale, it's crucial to consider the size of the fixture in relation to the space it will occupy. Are you drawn to oversized statement pieces or something more subtle and understated? Pay attention to specifications rather than just relying on images, and always measure accurately to ensure the perfect fit.


Style is where you can let your personality shine. Consider the existing decor and other lighting fixtures nearby. We love mixing styles because it can add visual interest and depth to your space. For example, if you have a metal kitchen pendant we might coordinate it with a shaded dining light nearby, while introducing a candelabra-style chandelier in the grand room.


Each light fixture offers a unique finish, and yes, you can mix metals! However, ensure there's cohesion by repeating finishes elsewhere in your home, such as plumbing fixtures, cabinet hardware, bathroom hardware, or a mirror finish. Mixing finishes adds dimension and character while maintaining harmony in your overall design. Also, keep in mind that not all golds will match unless they are selected from the same lighting vendor.


The height at which you hang your lighting fixtures can significantly impact the ambiance of a room. Consider clearance for doors, ceiling height, and the function of the space. Whether it's pendant lights above a kitchen island or sconces flanking a mirror or artwork, proper placement adds that extra layer of "jewelry" to your space.

Now that we’ve gone through our lighting selection process, let's talk about the different lighting options we offer and highlight some of our stunning pieces!


Pendants are versatile and can be used to illuminate various spaces in your home. Whether you're looking to add task lighting above a kitchen island or create ambiance in the dining area, our selection of pendants offers something for every style and preference. For a subtle, elegant option shop our popular Blaire Pendant, or choose our Mitchelle Midnight Black Pendant for a darker accent. Remember, for kitchen pendants, aim for a height of 30-34 inches above the countertop for optimal lighting. 


Make a statement with one of our elegant chandeliers. Whether you prefer a delicate, elegant option like our brand new Hudson Chandelier or an abstract design as featured in our Jess Modern Chandelier, our website has options to suit every taste. For dining room chandeliers, aim for a height of 36-42 inches above the table for the perfect balance of form and function.


Sconces are not only functional but also serve as decorative accents in your home. From swing arm sconces for reading nooks to sleek wall-mounted fixtures for hallways, our range of sconces adds both style and illumination wherever they're placed. For swing arm sconces like our Joey Swing Arm Sconce, we recommend placing them 24 inches above shelves and for art lights like our Galway Art Light we recommend placing them 7-9 inches above the art.


Lamps are the perfect way to add a cozy ambiance and style to any room, and this category is brand new to our website! We have a wide range of options, from our sleek and sophisticated Noa Buffet Lamp, to our rugged and earthy Raven Table Lamp. Whether placed on consoles, nightstands, or side tables, lamps offer both task and accent lighting while enhancing the overall decor. Experiment with symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangements to create visual interest.

Feeling ready to light up your home with style and sophistication? Explore our full Elements lighting collection and find the perfect fixtures to illuminate your space and embody your personal style.

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