What to Look For in Outdoor Furniture

Investing in outdoor furniture is an investment in the enjoyment and aesthetics of your outdoor living areas. We understand the importance of making informed choices, especially when it comes to items that will be exposed to the elements. We recently launched new outdoor furniture pieces on our website, and our goal is to empower you with the knowledge needed to choose pieces that offer both style and durability, ensuring that your investment pays off for seasons to come. So, let's dive into the essential features to consider when selecting outdoor furniture!

Solid Teak Wood

Teak wood stands out as a premier choice for outdoor furniture for several reasons. Renowned for its strength and durability, teak is one of the most robust woods available. It naturally resists warping, rotting, and weathering, ensuring that your furniture remains in pristine condition even after years of use. Additionally, teak possesses a unique ability to regulate its temperature, remaining cool in the summer and warm in the winter, offering year-round comfort. Its inherent weather and pest resistance, attributed to its natural oils, reduce the need for extensive maintenance, further enhancing its appeal.

Gray Teak is a solid teak wood finished with a solution that expedites the aging process of teak to a natural silver tone. A majority of our new outdoor pieces are made from this Gray Teak, including our Tanner Counter & Bar Stools, Broco Outdoor Dining Table and Darci Coffee Table.

Olefin Fabric

Olefin fabric emerges as a practical choice for outdoor furniture upholstery, offering a host of benefits tailored to outdoor use. Chemically treated to resist stains, olefin fabric ensures easy maintenance, allowing you to enjoy your furniture without worrying about spills or stains. Its robust nature makes it resistant to abrasion and mold growth which is ideal for withstanding the rigors of outdoor environments. Olefin fabric also wicks moisture away efficiently, drying quickly to prevent water damage and promote comfort, even in humid conditions.

Removable Cushions

Removable cushions are an important feature to look for when choosing outdoor furniture. While they undoubtedly enhance comfort, their true value lies in their practicality. In outdoor environments, exposure to a variety of weather is unavoidable. However, the inclusion of removable cushions allows you to safeguard them during inclement weather by easily bringing them indoors. This proactive measure not only extends the lifespan of your cushions but also maintains their aesthetic appeal. With our outdoor furniture, all seat cushions and upholstery are crafted to be removable, allowing you to effortlessly protect them for years to come. 

Acacia Wood

Acacia wood is another sustainable and durable option for outdoor furniture construction, boasting a range of desirable qualities. Naturally resistant to water, rot, decay, and insect damage, acacia wood is well-suited for outdoor use, ensuring longevity and durability. Smooth to the touch and resistant to splintering and chipping, it offers exceptional strength and resilience, capable of withstanding heavy use without compromising its integrity. Moreover, acacia trees grow quickly and can be sustainably harvested, making acacia wood an eco-conscious choice for outdoor furniture that aligns with your commitment to environmental stewardship. Our Atlas Outdoor Adjustable Chaise Lounge features this material.

We hope these insights help you choose outdoor furniture that fits your style and needs. Explore our latest collection of Outdoor Furniture featuring solid teak and olefin fabric pieces for enduring beauty and durability.

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